CODE Acoustics SA1

A super high quality compact active speaker

We’re pretty excited here at CODE HQ about the SA1 and can’t wait to let everyone hear it.

The SA1 retails at what we think is a pretty awesome price, given the quality of sound it produces and the components it contains.

It’s a ‘just add source’ system, which means you simply need a front-end such as a streamer, CD-Player, turntable or computer and away you go.

CODE Acoustics SA1

How does it sound?

There is the obvious caveat that we’re not entirely neutral (!), but I genuinely feel this is a rocket-ship of a speaker for the price.

Unless you have an extremely high end system at home already, I think you’ll instantly notice a lot of extra detail coming out of your favourite recording when using the SA1.

Vocals are particularly well defined. You’ll hear vocalists take a breath where perhaps you haven’t in the past, notice if their mouth is dry, or when they subtly change tone etc.

Despite the SA1’s size, it’s also a speaker that can rock with a surprisingly full bodied sound. It will play at fairly high volumes without losing it’s shape, which is unusual for a speaker of it’s small size.


The SA1 has the ability to add a pair of bass modules to turn this little bookshelf speaker into a full size floor-standing speaker capable of effortlessly driving even a large room. Detail on this to follow.

The control box itself contains a reprogram-able Digital Signal Processing (DSP) crossover, which means we can provide crossover upgrades or even reprogram the unit for future speaker designs, drastically cutting down your costs.

CODE Acoustics SA1

Made in Britain

Just to be clear, this isn’t something we’ve outsourced to China to get the cost down. Each system will be hand built at our Woking HQ, using only the finest quality components.

Our cabinets come from Sheffield, metalwork from Aberdeen and drive units from a company in Bedford.

made in britain

Designed with the aid of a master

The SA1 utilises drive units known as Balanced Mode Radiator’s (BMR’s). This fairly recent technology is producing a quiet revolution in Hifi, allowing designers to remove the crossover from the crucial 1-5kHz region, where human hearing is most sensitive.

To make sure we got the best out of this technology we worked with one of the foremost experts in the field; Chris Ellis at CE Electro-Acoustics, who personally designed the drive unit chosen for the SA1.


How do I hear the SA1?

We have a demo room at our Woking HQ. Please contact us to schedule a no obligation demo. Don’t worry, we don’t do pressure selling, so just head over, sit back, relax and enjoy your favorite tracks.

If you’re not local, you can buy an SA1 with a 30 day return policy.


When will the SA1 be ready to buy?

We are accepting pre-orders now for a deposit of £100. The standard veneer options are Oak, Cheery or Walnut, but others are available on request.

Production deliveries will start in circa 8 weeks. This is the lead time on our production batch of cabinets. We use probably the finest speaker cabinet maker in the UK and unsurprisingly they’re pretty busy, so we just have to join the queue.

Want to find out more?

We’ve produced a comprehensive technical article on the SA1, which you can read here:

Who are CODE?

If you’ve not heard of CODE, we’re a small independent Hifi company based in Woking England, specialising in active speakers. My name is Ceri Thomas and I’m the companies founder and chief designer:


If you’d like to find out a little about what else we do, please check out the following links:

Get in touch

If you’re interested in the SA1 and would like more info or to book a demo please email us here:

Thanks for reading!

Ceri Thomas
Founder and Chief Designer
CODE Acoustics

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