CODE Acoustics Design Principles


In this blog we just want to give you a little flavour of what we’re trying to achieve when we create a speaker and some of the thinking that inspires it.


At CODE we’re fundamentally aiming to produce high quality audio reproduction systems, capable of playing at high volume with low distortion, whilst producing a neutral frequency response.

We’re a science & engineering company with the name of the game being the never ending quest to eliminate distortion in all forms. Our products shouldn’t have a ‘sound’ as we’re simply aiming to present the listener with a true representation of the sound recording.

In that respect our speakers have been compared in sound characteristics to good studio monitors from the likes of ATC et al.



Our approach is perhaps best demonstrated by our SYSTEM-2 prototype, showcased at the National Audio Show 2016:

If you’re interested you can find more out about this here:

The main thing we were trying to show with SYSTEM-2 is that whilst it’s very unlikely you would explore the limits of a system this large in a domestic environment, where at normal listening volume the system is just ‘ticking over’,┬áthe sound is just effortless due to distortion being incredibly low.

Too often I hear expensive bookshelf speakers that sound good at low levels, only to completely fall apart as the volume is increased. I’m not talking about mega volume here, and if you’ve been to a Hifi show you’ll know what I’m talking about. To us this isn’t a well designed speaker.

In order to achieve high volume and low distortion we opt for multi-way DSP controlled active speakers, utilising heavily braced sealed cabinets. We consider re-radiated energy such as ports to be a distortion that if possible is best avoided.

If you’d like to understand a bit more about our methodology please check out:

Wrap up

This blog will develop over time so please check back. Hopefully that’s given you a taste of what we’re about at CODE. If you have any comments, question or suggestions please get in touch:

Thanks for reading!

My name is Ceri Thomas and I’m the founder and chief designer at CODE Acoustics.

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Ceri Thomas
Founder and Chief Designer
CODE Acoustics

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